We're ready for 2022!

What happened in 2021 and what's planned for 2022?

2021 was a very productive year for YouBeOn. We completed our data collection in summer. In total we did 41 interviews with young adults with different religious affiliations (Alevis, Protestants, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Orthodox Christians, Sikhs). We transcribed, coded and analysed the material. We presented preliminary findings at international conferences and completed our first journal-article, which is currently "under review". The YouBeOn Map materialised from an initial idea in our heads and became a (not public yet) web-application.

Given all this, we are very much looking forward to an exciting 2022. In the next few months, we plan to discuss our findings with research participants and see in how far the conclusions we drew correspond with their experience. The YouBeOn map is planned to go public in summer and provide an easily accessible tool to get an idea of young believers' religious lifeworlds on- and offline.

In this spirit of excitement and anticipation of what the new year will bring, the YouBeOn Team wishes you a great year 2022!